15 Best Indoor Self Watering Planters That Really Work

Self watering planters are a wonderful option to help you keep your houseplants healthy. They stop your houseplants drying out, but can also prevent overwatering too. All you have to do is remember to top up the water reservoir every 2 to 4 weeks and they will provide your indoor plants with a constant supply of water.

Best Indoor Self Watering Planters – The Top Choices

I have had great success using indoor self watering planters over the last few years and as my houseplant collection grows, they become ever more valuable to me. I’ve spent some time making a list of the best indoor self watering planters available, many of which I use personally and have had great experiences with.

Before we go any further, here are my top choices for self watering planters.

Best Overall – Lechuza Classico Color 21

Excellent variety of sizes, colors and styles, the Lechuza Classico range is my go-to self watering pot for indoor plants. I’ve been using it for years with great success.

Best Value – HB Self Watering Planter

Terrific value and with a self watering mechanism that works very efficiently, this is a great budget option. It doesn’t look as well, but it gets the job done beautifully.

Best For Large Plants – Lechuza Cubico Color

Lechuza have a range of self watering pots for plants of a variety of sizes. The Cubico range are ideal for larger plants. They look fantastic and get terric reviews.

Best Smart Self Watering Planter – AeroGarden Harvest Elite

The Aerogarden range of smart self watering planters automate lighting, nutrients and watering for your plants. They are terrific to use and great fun. I’ve used both the Harvest and Bounty models and would thoroughly recommend them.

More Detail About The Best Indoor Self Watering Planters

Below you’ll find more detail about the self watering planters I have chosen for my recommendations, as well as detail about another 11 self watering planters that are also very good for certain situations or certain people. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of this article. Happy growing.

Lechuza Classico Color Planter

I am a big fan of Lechuza self-watering planters. They work really well and I think the styling is amazing. They fit perfectly with modern decor and there are a huge range of sizes, colors and styles to choose from.

I really struggle to find anything as simplistically stylish as Lechuza planters in any of my local garden centers, so these have become my go-to self watering planters over the last few years.

If you’re looking for a great range of self watering pots, look no further. You can read the excellent reviews and buy one on Amazon.

It’s really easy to monitor the water level of this planter, and the reservoir will normally last for at least 3-4 weeks in my home, meaning that even if I go on vacation, I usually don’t need to worry too much about my houseplants while I’m away.

A nice feature of the Lechuza planters is that they have a drainage plug in the bottom that can be removed. This allows me to take my plants out to the patio during the summer and if it is wet I can remove the plug to allow access rainwater to drain out of the pot, preventing the soil from becoming waterlogged.

I found the Lechuza self watering planters to be really tolerant to UV light, and haven’t seen any fading or discoloration over the last few years since I have owned mine. I’ve added to my collection over the space of a few years, and there is very little cosmetic difference between the older planters and the newer ones, which gives me some confidence that they should last for a long time.

I really like being able to coordinate the decor in my home, and the complementary styling and sizes of these planters allowed me to have a large floor planter and a smaller side table planter in the same room that tie in really well together.

Lechuza Cubico Color Self Watering Planter

I think these tall cubic self watering planters look amazing as a floor planter. I have a pair of these in my hall with tall snake plants rising elegantly out of them. I was a bit worried that the self watering nature of this pot might be too much for my snake plants, but two years on, they are thriving.

There are several size and color options for this planter, so you should be able to find one that is perfect for your indoor space. This larger planter is pretty heavy when filled with soil and your plant, so take care when moving it. It doesn’t have wheels, so it’s best for two people to move it once it is full of soil.

Setup is pretty easy, and it only takes a few minutes to put together. The planter has an inner liner that the plant is potted into, so you don’t need to fill the entire planter with potting soil. It also means if you do have any problems with the watering system, the inner liner can be lifted out without any trouble.

The Lechuza planters use a special substrate to separate the water reservoir from the potting media, and this seems to work very well to deliver the water to the plant roots at an appropriate rate to prevent plants from either drying out or becoming waterlogged.

The one issue with these planters that I have is that the logo is printed on the side of all of them. I think this spoils the look a little. Thankfully, the logo is only on one side, so I normally turn this so it is not seen. I don’t think it would bother most people, but I just really love the clean and sleek look, so find it a little annoying.

HB Self Watering Planter For Houseplants

This is a really great self watering planter that innovates on some of the traditional designs for this type of pot. Rather than using traditional wicks to deliver the water to the potting medium, the pot is designed with hollow legs that reach down into the reservoir and draw moisture into the soil directly, without the need for wicks which can get blocked or become inefficient over time.

Its design also increases airflow around the potting medium, as it contains large slats in the bottom of the pot that will aid drainage and improve airflow, while still delivering moisture to the potting medium as it dries out.

Each pot has a clip-on watering attachment to ensure that filling the reservoir is really easy, but the look of the planter is not compromised during normal use. I also like the fact that it has slightly elevated feet on the bottom of the planter, to raise it off the surface it is sitting on. This reduces the risk of water marks forming on the surface that you’re pot is sitting on.

It comes in a range of sizes from 6 inches up to 12 inches in diameter and 5 colour options.  All of the parts have a gloss finish which is nice, but I would have liked a matt option also. However, for the price I think this is a great self watering planter that has a lot of versatility, has a lot of options and the reviews speak for themselves. Check it out further and buy on Amazon.

The good thing about the design of this self watering planter, is that you can put it outside during the summer. A lot of self watering planters can easily become waterlogged if you leave them outside and it rains. Some self watering planters have no way of draining excess water, because they are sealed and have no drainage holes in the bottom.

Because the pot and the reservoir underneath are separate, and there are slats on the bottom, any excess water in the potting medium will drain out of the bottom and overflow out the slots in the bottom of the pot. This is quite a nice feature, as it allows you to put your planter outside on a window sill or your patio without fear that your plants are going to suffer.

Many houseplants, particularly those with high light requirements, will benefit from being outside over the warmer summer months, so this pot gives you the versatility to do that.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Something a little different, the Aerogarden uses a combination of self watering mechanisms and hydroponics to keep your plants healthy. Best suited to growing herbs, this has been a favorite of mine for the last few years. Aerogarden have multiple options which will let you grow 3, 6, 9 or more plants at a time.

I’d definitely recommend you check out my Aerogarden review article if you want to learn more. Or head over to Amazon to read user reviews and check the prices.

The previous versions of Aerogarden weren’t particularly stylish, but the updated models look great. They have an integrated LED grow light, meaning you can put this self watering planter anywhere in your house and the plants will thrive.

In fact, hydroponically grown plants will grow faster and larger than plants grown in soil, so it’s a good option if you like plenty of herbs in your cooking.

I think this product really shines at letting people grow herbs in their homes all year round, regardless of lighting conditions. There are now quite a number of similar products on the market. They all have their pluses and minuses. I’ve done a comparison of two of the most popular smart herb gardens on the market, Aerogarden and Click and Grow.

I wondered whether a grow light was really necessary for me to grow herbs. However, since having one for a while, I’m sold, as I can have awesome herbs and even tomatoes all year round, which I couldn’t do without the supplementary lighting.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Planter

I think this self watering planter looks amazing. It comes in three variants. There is a small version which would be suitable for a countertop or windowsill, a wall mounted version, and a larger version, which is probably best for outdoor use for most people.

It actually has a really clever modular design, so you can link two planters together, allowing them to share water reservoirs. It also means you can start with one, and when your gardening ambitions increase, you can add in a second planter.

The raised design is great and something a bit different from some of the other self watering planters available. This is a bit pricey as a self watering planter, but the design is great, and it gets excellent reviews.

Read the user reviews, check out the specifications and buy on Amazon.

Eva Solo Orchid Pot

I’m a big fan of orchids, and this self-watering pot is specifically designed to help your orchids get the perfect amount of moisture all the time. See my articles about caring for orchids.

The idea is that you put your orchid directly into the Eva Solo orchid pot and water in the reservoir below is drawn up into the growth medium via nylon wicks. The big positive with this pot is the wonderful styling, which would look fantastic on display in your home.

My only concern with this pot is that it won’t provide perfect conditions for your orchid, but will probably get the job done fairly well. Orchids tend to either get badly overwatered, or completely neglected, and this would probably reduce the severity of these two problems. But I have some concerns that the constant delivery of moisture into the growing medium might lead to root rot.

This pot also does not allow for light exposure to the roots, which is hugely beneficial for many types of orchid. Having said that, the reviews are generally very positive, and the aesthetics are fantastic. Read the reviews and buy at Amazon.

Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub

I really like the combination of self watering and hydroponics that this planter provides. It comes with 6 quarts of special fiber soil, which is meant to provide a better growing environment and more ventilation to the roots of your plants.

It’s the perfect size for a windowsill and you can comfortably grow three plants in each planter. Specifically designed to grow herbs, it makes the process easy and reduces the risk of your plants suffering if they get neglected for a few days. Buy the Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub and read customer reviews on Amazon.

One point to note, is that they don’t recommend growing your herbs from seed in this planter, due to the nature of the growing medium. It’s better to plant your herbs from seed in a propagation tray or another soil based pot and then transplant them into this planter once your plants are more established.

You can then periodically trim your herbs as you need them for your culinary activities. Far fresher than buying fresh herbs from the store and cheaper over the long term, as your plants will last for quite some time.

A handy tip if your herbs get a bit leggy or woody is to take cuttings and propagate them in water or a propagation tray. Then you can start all over again without having to to plant more seeds or start from scratch.

LeGrow Self Watering Planter

I love the Legrow planters as they look so cool. They’re pretty small, but their modular design means you can build your own custom design, with any of the modules which Legrow produce. It’s meant to be lego for plant pots, and it works really well.

Each tiny pot has it’s own water reservoir. You can also get modules with integrated grow lights, humidifiers, and even USB power, so you can use your plant pot to charge your phone.

Succulents, cacti and dwarf varieties of indoor plants are best suited to these pots due to their small size. Obviously if you opt for the light or USB modules, you will need access to a power source. Personally, I just opted for the standard modular pots, which look fantastic on the white shelves in my kitchen.

Check out the full range and prices on Amazon.

Santino Self Watering Planter

This absolute bargain of a self watering planter is a great option. Made of durable, UV stabilized plastic, but with an attractive range of colors available, this pot should stand up to many years of use. It also comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to pick the most suitable size for your plant.

This is such good value and the reviews are very positive. It has a fairly simple self watering mechanism integrated, and a handy retractable spout to help fill the reservoir. The reservoir is big enough to provide 2-4 weeks water for most plants.

I’d advise using a well-draining potting medium with all indoor self watering pots to reduce the risk of root rot. Also, try to size the pot appropriately for the plant. Using a pot that is too large for the plant will result in the self watering mechanism not working properly.

Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter

Another bargain option, this self watering planter may not look the best, but a pack of three costs less than most of the other options on this list, and it gets the job done fairly well. I’ll admit I don’t love the asethetics of this one, but it uses a simple self watering mechanism that seems to work well, according to the reviews.

This is probably a good alternate option to building a DIY self-watering planter as it is so affordable and you might struggle to do a DIY job for less than the cost of this.

You need to be a bit careful not to overfill the reservoir of this self watering pot as there is no visual indicator to help you. You just have to lift the inner liner out, judge it as best you can and keep your fingers crossed.

Dot TruDrop Self-Watering Planters

best indoor self watering planters

The Dot TruDrop self watering planters are fairly big and are ideal for a large houseplant or for a balcony or patio. This planter has an interesting textured surface which gives it a bit of interest in the aesthetics department. A double walled design protects against significant temperature fluctuations, which is a good feature if you are putting your planter outside.

With a reservoir that often lasts for 3 weeks or more, depending on the plant you have in the pot, this is certainly a pot that would keep your plants happy while you are on vacation.

Lechuza Puro Spherical Self Watering Planter

The Lechuza Puro combines the fantastic self watering system that Lechuza has developed over many decades of experience, with beautiful styling. It has a number of features which make potting and looking after your plants much easier than many other indoor self watering planters.

The water reservoir is at the bottom of the pot, and your plant is potted into an inner insert, which sits over the reservoir. Lechuza also provide some specially designed substrate which is meant to improve drainage and help to regulate the amount of water that is delivered to the roots of the plant.

Lechuza have a huge range of self watering pots, so you’re likely to find a size, color or style that meets your needs. I’ve been using this brand for years and would definitely recommend them. Find out more about the Lechuza Puro and check the price now.

It is worth noting that all indoor self watering planters take a while to start working. Once you have potted your plant into the planter, you need to water it normally for up to a few months to let the roots grow down into potting media, to allow them to absorb the water that will be delivered from the reservoir into the bottom section of the potting medium.

So indoor self watering planters are probably best used for houseplants that will last for a long time and are unlikely to need repotted for at least several years.

Viva Self Watering Hanging Basket

best indoor self watering planters

I love the bright, glossy colors of these self watering hanging baskets. No frills and good value, but they have a good self watering mechanism and an easy to fill reservoir.

At 11 inches in diameter, they are a good size to plant a lovely display of plants, but might be more suitable for perennial trailing plants such as tradescantia (Wandering Jew Plant), Pothos, or Jasmine, which all thrive in soil that is kept lightly moist.

Gardener’s Supply Self Watering Window Box

best indoor self watering planters

This 23 inch window box can be assembled for indoor or outdoor use and comes with brackets to securely attach it to a window or railings. With a beautiful, traditional look, this could be a really good option for some low maintenance planting.

It gets great reviews, with most people very impressed by the construction, ease of setup and the effectiveness of the self watering mechanism. This might be a good option for planting a herb garden just outside your kitchen window, or just to brighten up a windowsill or fence.

Self Watering TubTrug Planter

best indoor self watering planters

Designed to look like a trug, I love the character of this self watering planter. More suitable for a patio or porch than indoors, this planter works well to reduce the watering requirements of whatever you plant in it. I love the bright color options of this planter and the handles on the sides make it easily movable.

Benefits Of Using Self Watering Planters

Most plants aren’t overly fussy about their care requirements. All they need is a suitable pot, a bit of sunshine and regular watering and they should stay healthy. However, when it comes to house plants it’s very easy to neglect them and even a short time without water can see your precious house plants wilt and suffer.

Self watering planters make it so much easier to ensure that your plants are getting enough water and reduce the risk that they will die if you neglect them for a while.

I think we all have great intentions when it comes to looking after house plants, but our busy lives often get in the way.  I’m exactly the same, and I sometimes suddenly realise that I haven’t watered one of my plants for a while and quickly rush over to it realising that it is desperate for a drink.

I’ve had great success using self watering planters because they allow me to have a regular routine of topping up the reservoirs every few weeks, and I can rest knowing that my plants are not going to run out of water in the meantime.

The only thing that’s worse than under watering your house plants is over watering your house plants. It’s actually just as common if not more common for house plants to die from overwatering than underwatering.

When you really want your plants to thrive, the temptation is to water them a little bit more often than you should. But this often leads to killing them with kindness, as they are unable to cope with the excessive water.

There is a happy medium for watering most plants and it can take a little bit of practice to get it right for individual plants and the climate of your home.

Whilst not suitable for all plants by any means, self-watering planters will only deliver water to the potting medium as it dries out and as the plant uses it.

As long as the plant in the self watering planter can tolerate having mildly moist soil on a constant basis, your plant will have a ready supply of water at all times and this will allow it to thrive.

What Soil To Use In Self Watering Planters

When it comes to choosing potting media for self watering planters, you should pick something that drains easily and is lightweight. A highly absorbent and densely packed potting medium will cause waterlogging and increase the risk of root rot.

A soilless mix of peat moss and perlite will generally do well, but there are many pre-made products that you can buy to keep things simple.

What Size Of Self Watering Planter To Choose

Picking the correct size for your indoor self watering planter is crucial to ensure that the self watering mechanism works, and your plant receives the perfect amount of moisture to thrive.

The roots of the plant must grow down to the level of the wick which connects the reservoir to the potting medium. If you put a small plant in a large self watering planter, the top portion of the potting media where the plant is will remain dry and the self watering mechanism will not work as intended.

Placing a large plant into a small self watering planter can also cause problems, although not as many as the other way round. The watering mechanism of self watering planters are designed to work with an appropriately sized plant. If you try to put a large plant into a small self watering planter, the plant may not receive enough moisture and you will have to provide supplementary watering from above.

As I mentioned previously, the other thing that is important to realize with self watering planters is that their mechanism won’t work initially in most cases. When you put your plant into a self watering planter, the roots will be concentrated in a small area and it will take them a while to grow and expand out and fill the pot.

It is only when the roots have grown into the vicinity of the watering mechanism, that they will be able to make use of the moisture that is delivered from the water reservoir.

I have found self watering planters to be really useful in helping me keep my house plants healthy. They are not a perfect solution and you need to pick your plants carefully, but when you get it right it can make looking after your plants a breeze.