choose your perfect houseplant

I love buying beautiful houseplants, displaying them in my home, and watching them thrive, but it doesn’t always work out like that.

Sometimes I realize too late that a plant I’ve brought home just doesn’t suit the conditions I can provide. Other times, I’ve picked a plant that needs a lot of attention and realized that I don’t quite have enough time to nurture it as I should.

If only there was a way to easily pick beautiful houseplants perfectly suited to you.

Well thankfully, I’ve designed a simple tool that will help you pick your perfect houseplant easily.

I’ve gathered care information on 100 of the most popular and beautiful houseplants and devised a quick quiz to help you choose a plant that will thrive in your home and bring you huge amounts of enjoyment as you watch it thrive.

This simple quiz has six questions, takes less than a minute to complete and will help you choose the perfect indoor plant for your home. Have a go and pick a beautiful new plant to care for.

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