10 Best Christmas Gifts For Plant Lovers

We all like to hear stuff like “I love you”, “You mean a lot to me”, “I’m glad to have you in my life”, “You make my life better/easier”, etc.

However, these sentences can sound meaningless or empty if they are not followed by appropriate actions – acta, non verba, as the old Latin proverb goes. And although there are a million “better” ways to show your loved ones that you care about them, in this article, we will focus on giving gifts. After all, we are in the season of giving, and Christmas is just around the corner. And let’s be honest, who does not like presents?

Since we here on Smart Garden Guide write about plants and flowers, we will, of course, focus on the best Christmas gifts for plant lovers.

Gifting one of these presents has a double effect because not only will you make them happy by giving them something, but also delight them because that something is related to their hobby, passion or work!

1. Garden Tool Set

If you want to help the plant aficionado turn their garden into a work of art, then the best thing you can do for them is to buy this garden tool set. It contains the best tool for every task, making gardening easier and ensuring more productive work. With the help of this set, that person will be able to fully devote themselves to their garden and get to know all the allure of horticulture.

Of course, they do not need a garden for this practical set to be useful to them – even if they grow plants “only” in their home, balcony, or porch, these tools will help them create their own small oasis of greenery where they can relax.

This heavy-duty 10-piece set of essential tools for the maintenance of every garden includes stuff such as a trowel, rake, round shovel, pruning sheers, folding saw, and a large gardening bag. The tools are not only made of stainless steel, which will enable you to use them for a longer period of time but also have ergonomic handles that facilitate easier use and maximum pleasure when working.

2. Self-watering Planter

At the beginning of the article, we said that gifting a plant lover something related to plants has a double effect. However, this idea can do one better because it will also save them time!

Keeping a regular watering schedule can be a challenging task if you have plants with different water requirements, are forgetful, or just plain busy.

Fortunately, technology has brought us self-watering planters. These planters come with reservoirs at the bottom from which the plants can drink water when needed.

In some systems, the plant will be watered through roots that sit in the water, while in others, it can be irrigated with the help of a plug whose one end is in the reservoir and the other in the potting mix.

Although using this type of planter will remove the need for top watering, it does not mean that the person using it can outright forget about their plants. Checking up on them is a part of the charm; they just will not have to do it that often!

3. Christmas Bundle For Plant Addict #1

If you really want to show how much you care about a person who is a plant addict, you can go one step further and give them one of the bundles that we have created for you. Yes, preparing and making this bundle will take a little more time than other things from our list of best Christmas gifts for plant lovers, but if our loved ones do not deserve it, who does?

Our first bundle recommendation includes seeds, potting mix, fertilizer, and a pot. Put all this in a gift bag or wrapping paper, and you have one of the best gifts a plant lover can receive.

Besides giving them the opportunity to cultivate a plant from scratch, you will also be providing them with everything they need to grow it successfully – they only need to take care of the plant. And since they are a plant lover, this certainly will not be a tough task for them.

Just do not forget to buy the appropriate potting mix and fertilizer for the plant you choose!

4. Mister/Watering Can

The next on our list is not one, but two gifts, i.e., two ideas with which you can make the plant enthusiast in your life happy. These two things perform different functions (although not completely different, of course), but both have something to do with water, so we decided to combine them into one. Yes, we are talking about misters and watering cans.

Watering and misting are essential when it comes to the maintenance of our (mostly) green pets. That is why people who own plants have certain things for these tasks, such as plain plastic buckets, water glasses, plastic bottles that previously contained an agent for cleaning windows or parquet, etc.

Even though all the listed things get the job done, they are mostly unsightly items. Would it not be better to gift a plant lover a chic and elegant mister or watering pot that will almost force them to pick them up and water their plants? It would be hard to forget to take care of your plants with these charmingly-looking objects lying around.

The beauty of specialized watering cans and misters is that you can find them in a million designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as materials since there are glass, metal, and even exquisite plastic ones.

Moreover, these fancy cans and misters will also last longer because hardly anyone will throw them in some dark corner of their home, as is usually the case with the “regular” ones. So, wisely choose because you are also probably buying future (and excellent) home decor for your friend.

5. Mug

Here is a traditional gift! Just as you want to drink wine from the right glass, you will want to drink coffee from a proper mug! Or, in this case, the person you gift it to will want to drink coffee from a proper mug. A cute mug somehow makes everything more beautiful! And there are lots of cute mug designs with floral patterns to choose from!

If, however, you can not find one you like for them, you can easily create a personalized mug.

On the other hand, if your loved one is constantly on the go and does not have time to drink coffee or some other beverage in peace, a travel mug can be a better choice. These mugs, which are useful and practical, can be found with a variety of interesting and cute motifs and quotes that will remind them of their love for the plant kingdom (and maybe you).

6. Christmas Bundle For Plant Addict #2

Another bundle and another opportunity to let one of your loved ones know how much you care about them with extra effort. This bundle includes a hanging planter, plant food, and gardening gloves.

Whether they are small or large, plants in hangers always attract attention. They are just, hmm, different. Vining plants whose foliage spill over the pot and hangs down, who can resist that?

Plant food is a gift that is never out of place. Almost all plants benefit from fertilizers! Better, prettier, faster, healthier growth – who does not want that for their plants?

Surely you do not want your loved one to get even slightly injured while working in the garden? These long sleeve gardening gloves are comfortable protection that will not allow that. In addition, their design is perfectly adapted to a wide range of applications in gardening work. So, if you have someone who is not afraid of work and sweat but still wants to enjoy comfort and safety, there is no better choice than these gloves!

Pack these three practical items together, and you have another incredible bundle to gift!

7. Pot Set

Yes, we grow plants for their appearance, but we should not forget that the pot is responsible for adding to the overall visual appeal in many cases.

Even the most beautiful plant in the world will not get the attention or recognition it deserves if it is planted in some unattractive or downright ugly pot. Precisely because of this, you can surprise one of your loved ones with this fantastic 3-piece ceramic pot set.

The combination of ornamental plants and these elegant planters will bring a touch of modern decoration to any home, office, or garden space. And since this set is made of high-quality ceramics, the pots will be used for many years.

8. Plants and Flowers Encyclopedia

Reading a book is a combination of education, entertainment, and meditation that you can hardly get from any other activity.

Yeah, it might become a forgotten activity in the (near) future because it could happen that technology will advance so much that it will be possible to download a book and all its contents directly into our brains, but we are not there yet. And as long as it stays like that, gifting a book will never be a bad idea!

Although there are a ton of books on plant cultivation, we recommend you surprise your plant-lover friend or family member with this Encyclopedia of plants and flowers!

Not only will you provide that person with a vast resource from which they can learn a ton of information about plants they have already heard of, but you will also give them the opportunity to get to know and maybe fall in love with plants they did not know even existed.

Of course, they will be grateful now that you gave them an encyclopedia as a gift, but in the future, they might become even happier when they come across and buy themselves one of the thousands of plants that are just waiting to be discovered!

9. Christmas Bundle For Plant Addict #3

Not feeling any of the recommendations so far? Or just can not make a decision? Maybe the next plant-lover gift set is the right choice for you!

In this bundle, you will get a 4″ plant such as Monstera, Ponytail Palm, Pothos, or Peperomia, a 5″ pot for the plant, a mug with a floral/botanical pattern, and a cute enamel pin with even cuter text and design.

Why buy one when you can buy four gifts?

10. Plant

The last item on the list of best Christmas gifts for plant lovers is, well, a plant. Think about it – is there a better gift for a plant lover than a plant? Forget answering; you do not even need to ask the question.

However, the question that should be asked and answered is what plant exactly? Unfortunately, we only know ourselves, so we can not give you an answer that would undoubtedly make your friend or family member happy.

But we can give some advice. The first is to try to remember the conversations you had with them about flowers and plants. Plant lovers take great pleasure in talking about plants (duh), so they must have mentioned at least one plant they would like or plan to buy for themselves. Imagine their happiness and surprise if you gifted it to them!

If they did not mention anything or you just can not seem to remember it, we recommend you buy them something they do not have in their collection of flowers and plants. Just make sure to buy a plant that will be able to grow in their garden or home since many plants have specific light, climate, or temperature requirements.

If you did not like two of our previous recommendations, do not worry; we have something that is beautiful, easy to find, and, most importantly, goes perfectly with the holiday season!

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a traditional Christmas decorative and ornamental plant that gained popularity due to the contrast of beautiful large green and red leaves. This plant has become a trademark of the Christmas holidays, along with pine trees, lights, and snow. Although it grows naturally in Central America, it is spread worldwide due to its commercial success and symbolic meaning. You really can not go wrong with this one!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this list of the ten best Christmas gifts for plant lovers and enthusiasts. Even though they are guaranteed to fall in love with all 10, you do not have to buy all of them – any one will do the trick! And, oh, Merry Christmas!